Kim Kardashian allegedly wants to have a fifth child and this time around it would be with Pete Davidson.

In its May 2 issue, Closer UK claimed that Kardashian is committed to growing her family. And since she’s dating Davidson, the couple already started talking about their plans.

“Kim and Pete have become very serious and while things started out as a bit of fun, they’ve fallen madly in love and are naturally starting to talk about taking the next step in their relationship, which for Pete is to have a child of his own,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Kardashian knows how much Davidson also wants to have a child. So, she wants to make his dream come true.

“While she swore off having more kids following her split from Kanye, being with Pete has forced her to have a change of heart. Falling deeply in love again has made her want to experience having another baby and the opportunity to create a blended family together,” the source said.

Since Kardashian had her two youngest children via surrogate, it’s highly likely for her to not conceive her fourth child naturally. The source claimed that the couple is looking at all the different options that they have right now. And they are leaning more toward IVF or adoption.

“With Kim’s 42nd birthday looming in October, she knows she doesn’t have much time to waste if they’re going to explore the natural route, but ultimately, they just want to raise a child together so however that happens, they’ll be happy to get that opportunity,” the source said.

As of late, there’s no proof that Kardashian and Davidson are trying to conceive a baby. And there’s also no proof that the couple is talking about these things. After all, they just got together a few months ago and there’s no rush for them to settle down.

It is entirely possible for Kardashian’s stand on not having more kids to still hold true today. After all, having four children is quite a handful.

Meanwhile, it’s true that Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship is getting stronger.

According to sources, the couple is just always happy when they are together.

Kardashian also revealed during a recent interview that she and Davidson can do normal things together and this is what she loves most about their relationship.