A royal author believes that Prince Harry “wanted out” from the royal life. But, the chance to do so arrived with Meghan Markle, who reportedly “gave [him] the tools to leave.”

This is the latest assertion of Tina Brown, who recently released her new material, “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor - the Truth and the Turmoil. According to Express UK, she shared her thoughts during an engagement with “Washington Post Live.”

The author explained that people inside the Palace “always knew he would go at some point,” adding that the royal-born Prince “was very unhappy.” She noted that “a very close adviser” was the one who told her about the matter.

Brown continued that even Queen Elizabeth II knew what the Duke of Sussex felt. As for the Duchess of Sussex, who she believed to have paved the way for her husband to exit, the author stated that the former actress “understood the world of agents and deals.”

The expert consequently emphasized that “this was not [Prince] Harry’s world.” But, when Meghan Markle entered the picture, he “suddenly” had a “very worldly strategist, who he decided to trust above all the other advisors.”

Tina Brown’s recent claims seemingly echoed what she told The New York Times earlier this week. But, in addition to her statements that palace staff “always knew” that Prince Harry would one day leave, she stated that Meghan Markle's husband was “so fragile” in the firm, as per palace insiders.

The International News released a report on the matter, detailing the royal author’s further assertions. As noted, she, also, claimed that, per sources from the firm, the Duke of Sussex was “so combustible,” and, “frankly, in the constraints of the [British] Royal Family.

Several weeks prior, though, analyses of Prince Harry’s body language in his and Meghan Markle’s outings at the time in the United States surfaced across media platforms. An expert said that he did not appear "as happy as he looked” when he was in the United Kingdom.

Speaking to Express UK, Dr. Lillian Glass explained that her findings came after going through a series of photos of the Duke of Sussex, as well as his cousin, Princess Eugenie, who visited him and the Duchess of Sussex in the U.S. at the time. She stated that the royal cousins’ respective body language “forms a contrast to their previous interactions.”

The expert added that the youngest Wales prince has not given off a “genuine smile” in the photos in question. She even pointed out in one of the images that the royal-born Prince had a “perfunctory smile as he awkwardly tries to meet U.S. celebrities.”