Jennifer Lopez has been accused of being a diva for years. Now, sources are claiming that she’s also very difficult to work for.

In its April 25 issue, Star claimed that Lopez has been micromanaging all aspects of her new house’s ongoing renovations. And this hasn’t been sitting well with her staffers.

“Jennifer has always been a pain to work for, but it’s gone into overdrive since she bought the house. She’s micromanaging every aspect of the renovations – the colors, the furniture, the landscaping, you name it. Her poof staff is working overtime to keep her happy but it’s an impossible task,” the source said.

Since no one could stand up to Lopez, the source claimed that her staff have been trash-talking her behind her back. And when they are in front of their boss, they try to act like they are professionals.

“Workers are presenting Jennifer with tons of options, but she keeps sending everything back. She expects them all to be mind-readers,” the source said.

Other than the renovations, Ben Affleck’s fiancée also has other demands from her staff.

“Jennifer wants whatever food and drinks she likes on tap 24/7. So, if she wants breakfast at 2 a.m. or a gourmet dinner at an unusual hour, everyone has to jump in,” the source said.

Affleck allegedly knows that it’s difficult to work with Lopez. But he’s not one to stand up to his future wife. After all, the Gigli alum is worried that this could cause problems in their relationship.

“Ben knows better than to question Jennifer. He’s given her full license to deck the place out exactly how she wants and says he trusts her to add a few touches here and there that will be specific to his tastes,” the source said.

For now, the couple is also allegedly busy with planning their housewarming party. And Affleck’s three children with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner would be there. Lopez’s two kids would also be there. But none of their exes would be invited.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Lopez has been in the industry for decades. If she’s difficult to work with or if she has outrageous demands, she would’ve already been exposed by now. But the fact that this hasn’t happened proves that she’s a delight.