Pink and Carey Hart could allegedly be headed for a divorce.

In its April 18 issue, Life & Style claimed that the couple was recently spotted arguing at a restaurant in Santa Barbara.

A source claimed that Pink and Hart have not been seeing eye to eye. And the couple also skipped their therapy sessions during the pandemic.

During a previous interview, the singer revealed that therapy saved their marriage. So, without it, their relationship could go on a downward spiral.

“They both have fiery personalities and argue about spending time together, parenting differences, career issues – typical things couples fight about. There are definitely days when one or the other of them wants to give up on the marriage. This public incident probably has them reconsidering going back to therapy,” the source said.

But the source also claimed that Pink and Hart wouldn’t just give up on their marriage like that.

“It’s no secret they’ve had marital ups and downs, but Pink is not a quitter. She and Carey decided a long time ago to fight for their marriage. While they came close to divorcing before, it’s no longer an option,” the source said.

The tabloid’s contradicting claims prove that they are just making up a story about Pink and Hart’s marriage.

According to their headline and the first paragraph of the article, Pink and Hart could be headed for a divorce. But the tabloid concluded its story by saying that divorce is out of the question for the couple.

As of late, there’s no indication that Pink and Hart even argued at a restaurant. And there’s also no proof that they are having problems in their relationship.

However, this isn’t the first time that Pink and Hart were rumored to be having problems in their marriage.

In December, New Idea claimed that the couple couldn’t agree on anything especially when it comes to their prenup, their children, and their healthcare choices.

“Carey and Pink are arguing over everything, from healthcare to the kids and work, even the possibility of drawing up a post-nuptial agreement. If Pink had a choice, Carey would retire from motor cross racing, but he’s never going to do that. He would never expect her to quit her career, so he’s upset this has come up,” the source said.

However, none of these claims are true. Pink and Hart never argued over these issues.