Prince William and Kate Middleton are hands-on parents to their three children.

In its April 18 issue, Star claimed that Prince William and Middleton have been easing their two older children into their royal life slowly but surely.

As such, royal fans have been seeing more of Prince George and Princess Charlotte in recent months.

And sources claimed that the royal siblings will be making more public appearances in the coming weeks.

Ahead of their outings, Prince William and Middleton allegedly sit down with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And they use this opportunity to remind the siblings of the dos and don’ts during their outings.

“Kate and William are showing their children the ropes of royal etiquette. Kate gives them little tips before public appearances, like reminding them to stand up straight, make eye contact, and smile,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince William and Middleton’s training helped make sure that Prince George and Princess Charlotte would be comfortable while at Prince  Philip’s memorial service.

At one point, Princess Charlotte was spotted making a face at the camera. But the Cambridges took the hilarious moment in stride.

The 6-year-old also shook hands with the clergy as if she had been doing this for years. And Prince George, who is more shy compared to his sister, also followed in Princess Charlotte’s footsteps.

According to the source, Prince William and Middleton just want their kids to have a memorable outing every time they make public appearances. So, even if Prince George and Princess Charlotte didn’t behave well, the royal couple wouldn’t have been upset.

But Prince William and Middleton are so lucky because their children listened to their instructions and guidance. So, their outing went on as smoothly as possible.

Following Prince Philip’s memorial service, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were praised by royal experts for their mature and professional behavior.

While speaking with Express, body language expert Judi James also likened Princess Charlotte to her late grandmother, Princess Diana who she never had the chance to meet.

“Charlotte, looking touchingly like the Queen when she was small, showed body language traits that are more like her Granny Diana. Like Diana, she gives the initial impression of shyness, but beneath that appears to be an outgoing, fun personality. She also picked out several of the cameras with her eyes, as Diana always remembered to do,” James said.