Angelina Jolie’s feet have allegedly been raising alarm bells. In its April 18 issue, Globe described Jolie’s feet as swollen and gross.

A source claimed that the Maleficent star has been dealing with a scary condition on her feet that could lead to osteoporosis later on in life.

“She’s been walking around barefoot or in shoes with little to no support, and now veins and painful bunions are a problem. Her feet look swollen and gross. Many are blaming a poor diet and the fear is it’s causing chronic conditions like osteoporosis and maybe even diabetes,” the source said.

The insider then talked about Jolie’s weight and said that the actress just weighs around 100 pounds. The mom of six allegedly lost a considerable amount of weight while dealing with her ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt.

And the tabloid’s resident doctor also weighed in and said that Jolie’s poor nourishment is what’s causing her feet to swell.

“Her biggest concern is broken foot bones from the slightest trauma,” the doctor said.

This is not the first time that Jolie’s feet and health became the subject of speculation and scrutiny.

In September, National Enquirer claimed that the actress was rushed to the hospital to seek treatment for her eating disorder.

“Angelina is being coy about the exact reason for her visit, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure something’s not right there. The hope is that she was there for a routine checkup. Assuming that’s the case, it’s obviously a good thing she’s taking proactive steps to look after herself,” the source said.

But if Jolie was rushed to the hospital then due to something as serious as an eating disorder, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on it. The fact that only one tabloid reported about Jolie’s hospitalization proves that they just made up this anecdote.

It’s not also true that Jolie’s feet are swollen and gross. Since the actress is slender, it’s not unusual for her to have boney feet. But this doesn’t mean that she’s dealing with anything serious.

It’s not also true that Jolie just weighs 100 pounds or that she suffered from extreme weight loss because of all the stress that endured while finalizing her custody battle with Pitt.

Jolie is doing well health-wise as well as in her life in general.