Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are allegedly feuding over their desire to become the next president of the United States.

In its April 11 issue, Globe claimed that Obama and Clinton both want to take over Joe Biden’s position at the White House.

“These are two women who truly have a vicious rivalry. They both want the same things and are willing to step over each other to get them,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Clinton and her husband, Bill are already thinking of ways how they can derail Obama’s attempts to get to the White House.

“Hillary and the former president have never gotten over her losing the 2008 nomination to Barack. They will do anything to block Michelle’s path to the presidency,” the source said.

According to the insider, Hillary also thinks that Michelle could beat her in the race. So, it’s best if the latter just wouldn’t campaign altogether.

But even if Hillary decides to run for office, sources are convinced that she won’t win. After all, she allegedly has too many skeletons in the closet.

“Biden is going to be 81, and Hillary has a record of losing elections and of skeletons in her closet, from her husband’s affairs to her own embarrassments. Hillary still thinks she’s superior to any other candidate, especially Michelle, who she believes has leapfrogged her without her background or experience,” the source said.

But despite all the obstacles in front of her, Hillary is allegedly determined to try her luck and run for office. And she won’t stop at anything until she gets what she wants.

“Hillary is out to prove she can be a player too. Not only is she producing a movie, but it also’s from a book that she co-wrote, and she’s growing all over town that she’s already outdoing Michelle, which is pretty insulting,” the source claimed.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no indication that Hillary and Michelle have plans to run for office. In fact, Barack Obama’s wife has been adamant in saying that she’s not interested in running for president.

Years ago, Michelle even tried to talk her husband out of his presidential bid, but she was eventually forced to just go along with it. But if it’s up to her, she’s never setting foot at the White House again.