Chris Martin allegedly has stinky feet, and he’s refusing to do something about it.

In its April 11 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Martin has been walking barefoot in public for years. And this has allegedly taken a toll on the smell and texture of his feet.

The Coldplay front man’s gym mates have allegedly smelled his feet and they are all disgusted.

“It’s gross, and the soles of his feet look like they have a fungus growing. He may be one of the hottest stars in the music business, but he’s not very good with his hygiene,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Martin’s stinky feet are one of the reasons why his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow decided to leave him.

“When he’d do things like walk on the street of London with nothing on his feet, it used to make her scream. It became a sore point for her, and she still nags him about it. It must be a problem for Dakota, too. She’s had to live with Chris’ smelly feet for five years now,” the source said.

In October, Martin made headlines after he was spotted walking the streets of London barefoot. It’s unclear why he didn’t have his shoes on at the time, but this wasn’t the first time that he was spotted shoes-less.

Years ago, the singer also rode his bike barefoot shortly after he and Paltrow announced their split. But until today, it’s still unclear why Martin does this every now and then.

Regardless of what his reason may be, there’s no indication that this was why Paltrow divorced him. And it’s not also true that Johnson is also grossed out by his bad habit.

Sources who are concerned about Martin having fungus or bringing dirt into his home should also realize that the singer most likely cleans his feet thoroughly before he enters his home.

Meanwhile, Martin and Johnson were also rumored to have already gotten engaged. And some tabloids are insisting that the couple is pressured to tie the know by Johnson’s mom, Melania Griffith.

Griffith has been very vocal about her love for Martin. And she also said that she would give the singer her blessing if he wants to wed Johnson. However, Johnson and Martin are not yet engaged, but the couple has been living together for years.