Prince George allegedly put his put down and told his parents that he wants to attend Prince Philip’s memorial service.

In its April 11 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton were worried about their eldest son because they know that the service would just be too sad for him.

But to their surprise, Prince George insisted that he wanted to be there because he shared a special bond with Prince Philip when the latter was still alive.

“William and Kate told George it would be very sad, but he wanted to be there, especially for his Gan-Gan, the queen,” the source said.

Princess Charlotte also decided to attend the service after learning that Prince George would be there. The 6-year-old didn’t allegedly want to be left behind because she’s a bit competitive.

Even though the gathering was such an emotional event for the royal family especially the queen, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte tried to cheer her up in their own way.

“George worked on a special project to help cheer her up. He pulled together a whole care package for her and included pages of pictures and paintings he drew and stories he’d written himself. He wanted to share all his memories with the queen so they could miss him together. Charlotte got involved too. She’s excelling at English and wrote her a gorgeous little letter,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no indication that Prince George volunteered to attend Prince Philip’s memorial service. It seems more likely for Prince William and Middleton to have asked him and Princess Charlotte to attend the event.

In recent weeks, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been making more public appearances. And now that the former is already 8 years old, royal fans will most likely see him in public more often.

It is not also true that Prince George and Princess Charlotte created something special for the queen to cheer her up. The tabloid was unable to show a photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s creations to prove their claims.

So, it’s not difficult to know that the tabloid could’ve made up this story to make it seem as though Prince George and Princess Charlotte were extremely concerned about their great-grandmother.