Kristen Stewart has often grabbed headlines for the wrong reasons ranging from her love life to excessive drinking. Last year, an outlet reported that the actress explained she did not have sex with Rupert Sanders while allegedly dating Robert Pattinson. 

The “Twilight” star’s personal life has often been under the scanner. Several outlets have come up with rumors from time to time about her reported drinking problems and relationships. 

Stewart has spoken about the notorious kiss with her director Rupert Sanders way back in 2012. She insisted in a candid interview with Howard Stern last year that there was no sex involved with her director. 

While neither Robert Pattinson nor the “Charlie’s Angels” actress had formally confirmed that they were dating each other, many considered the pair as the hottest and most happening couple of Hollywood at that time. 

The controversies started in 2012 when there was a series of photographs where the “Twilight” actress and her director was seen kissing each other in a car. The pair was also spotted cuddling on a bridge. 

The actress was compelled to come up with an apology. However, the actress later denied that Rupert Sanders and she had an “affair.” Kristen Stewart went on to say in the same interview that nothing happened between them apart from kissing and cuddling.

When the interviewer asked the actress why she did not explain then, she replied no one would have believed her. The star went on to explain that she did not fall in love with her director.

However, back then, Stewart apologized after the disreputable photos emerged. The actress said that she was “deeply sorry” for causing hurt to people who were close to her. She accepted that her momentary lapse has been a big blow to the person she loved the most, Metro reports. 

Last Year, it was reported by an outlet that her friends were worried because of her excessive drinking and partying. According to the tabloid, her friends were scared that drinking was putting her life at risk. According to an anonymous source, the actress needed to detox and rest. 

However, Gossip Cop claims that the magazine’s narrative was false. To start with, they did not produce any proof to substantiate their claim. When the website got in touch with a source close to the actress, they were told that the star’s inner circle did not think she was partying too much. 

Kristen Stewart is not shy about owning up the kind of person she is. However, she does not seem to be an out-of-control actress the way some of the tabloids have been trying to portray her as.