Jada Pinkett Smith rolled her eyes at Chris Rock’s joke about her starring in a “G.I. Jane” sequel. The original film’s hairstylist, later on, shared he does not get why the actress responded with a “sour” face at the quip.

Speaking exclusively to Page Six, Enzo Angileri, who styled Demi Moore’s cut in the 1997 film, ‘G.I. Jane,” stated that he was not aware of Pinkett Smith’s condition. But, even so, the eye roll response still did not make sense to him.

The hair expert said that the “Bad Moms” actress “looked amazing” and “so regal” with her shaved head. He, also, revealed that he thought “it was a beauty choice,” adding that he has “never seen her look more beautiful.”

Enzo Angileri continued that Chris Rock’s joke was “cute,” as well as “benevolent.” He, then, pointed out that it was “nothing to cause such a rolling of the eyes” on Jada Pinkett Smith's part that “stimulated [Will Smith] to act that way.”

In the same interview, the hairstylist, also, talked about the “King Richard” actor’s response to the joke. He deemed the move “completely unacceptable” and rhetorically asked, “Don’t we try to teach our kids not to raise their hands?”

Later on, Angileri shared that he has worked with Smith in the past and described him as “the nicest guy.” Nevertheless, he stated it is “silly” to talk about the slap incident, “considering the news right now.”

Jada Pinkett Smith debuted her shaved head in mid-2021. Daughter Willow Smith, who has been donning a buzz cut for years, was the first to unveil the look, according to People.

Upon posting a photo of herself and her mother, the “Gotham” actress reposted the same image on her own Instagram account. She shared in the caption that her then-20-year-old daughter made her do it “because it was time to let go.”

Pinkett Smith, later on, added that her “50’s are [about] to be Divinely lit with this shed.”

The 50-year-old celebrity is living with alopecia. She first opened up about the condition in a May 2018 episode of her show, “Red Table Talk.”

A separate report from People said that Jada Pinkett Smith loves the way she looks in her turbans. But, as it turned out, it was not just a fashion statement.

The actress shared that a lot of people had been asking why she had been wearing turbans. Although per her, it was not an easy thing to talk about, she revealed her “issues with hair loss" before the public.