Fans of Meghan Markle have, once again, slammed and criticized Kate Middleton. Some even called her “DupliKate” for reportedly copying her sister-in-law’s style.

Express UK released a report on the matter, detailing what the former actress’s fans had to say. This all came after the Duchess of Cambridge wore her hair down, “center parting and pulled tightly behind the ears” during a recent engagement.

One critic pointed out that the future Queen Consort donned her hair “straight like [the Duchess of Sussex] does.” Another added that the working royal’s appearance was “giving [them] Meghan vibes,” adding that she looks “copycat” to many.

A different netizen, also, claimed that Kate Middleton had never parted her hair in the middle before. One echoed the assertion, saying that it was a “momentous occasion” as it was the first time she had sleek hair.

The publication said that the Duchess of Cambridge “traditionally” wears her hair loose. But, for Monday's reception amid their royal tour, she had it straight.

It is, also, stated that Meghan Markle favors this style, who had the same look in 2020. It was when she attended the Mountbatten Music Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, alongside Prince Harry.

This is not the first time Kate Middleton received waves of backlash from her sister-in-law’s supporters. In February, many fans branded her as “Kopy Kate” for reportedly copying the Duchess of Sussex’s moves.

A separate report from Express UK explained that it was after the Duchess of Cambridge went down for a slide during an engagement at the Lego Foundation Play Lab. Critics compared the move to the former working royal’s stint at “The Ellen Show,” wherein she pulled pranks on her audience.

Earlier that month, Kate Middleton, also, received similar criticisms upon announcing her activities, especially the reading of Jill Tomlinson’s “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark” on CBeebies Bedtime Story.

Meghan Markle’s fans slammed the Duchess of Cambridge for allegedly copying the move, noting that the former was the first one to do that. This, then, led them to call the future Queen Consort “Meghan’s copycat,” before adding that she is “talentless.”

Despite all the criticisms and negative remarks, though, the senior working royal has maintained her silence. She does not seemingly acknowledge the allegations, and so do most of her followers.

But, reports said that some of Prince William’s wife’s fans still, nevertheless, defend her from the critics. Others, meanwhile, appear to focus on giving their praise and support.