Lana Condor does not believe in experiencing difficulties and complications when it comes to love. It does not have to be dramatic either to be filled with passion as it “should feel safe and comfortable.”

OK! magazine that the 24-year-old actress shared her thoughts to Grazia after opening up for its March issue. She talked about several things, including her “healthy relationship” with Anthony De La Torre.

Condor explained that there is a “weird misconception” about love. Some would think that it has to be “messy and painful,” and “there is so much passion” to the point that it would burn down one’s world.

But, for her, “it is not right.” Although she believes that “it is beautiful on paper,” love does not have to be this way in real life.

The “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” actress, then, emphasized that she feels like she is “in a cocoon” with her fiancé. She, later on, added that “love does not need to break [one] apart.”

 Lana Condor said yes to her long-time boyfriend earlier in January. She announced their engagement on social media, noting that she has considered herself the “absolute lucking woman alive to live in [Anthony De La Torre’s] sphere.”

In the same post, which houses five photos and a clip of the actual proposal, she, also, shared that “saying YES was the easiest decision” she had ever made. Moreover, she praised her soon-to-be-husband, saying that the actor is the “greatest man in the world,” aside from her father.

Condor revealed a few details, as well, about her engagement ring, according to People. She stated that De La Torre worked with the “incredible Vietnamese female-owned” jewelry shop to design the band.

After describing it as the “most stunning piece” she has ever seen, she highlighted how much she appreciated her long-time partner’s efforts. She pointed out that “the fact he knew how important it was” to her to have the collaboration with a Vietnamese company “is a testament to just how truly thoughtful he always is.”

In the end, the “X-Men: Apocalypse” actress asserted that she could not wait to become De La Torre’s wife, adding that she loves her “a million times over.”

Anthony De La Torre and Lana Condor first met in 2015. It was the time when the actress was attending her first big industry event, according to Seventeen.

It was unclear when exactly their relationship began. But, they have since been together before De La Torre asked Condor’s hand in marriage in January.