Kelly Clarkson has allegedly found the best way to get back at his ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.

In recent months, it was revealed that Clarkson was asked to pay Blackstock a huge sum of money every month as part of their divorce agreement.

So, a source told National Enquirer that the American Idol winner couldn’t help but think that Blackstock just used her because of her money.

But Clarkson still managed to think of the perfect way to get back at her ex-husband. She made sure to get full physical custody of her two children.

The source claimed that Blackstock is only allowed to see his children one day per week and it’s usually during the weekends.

“Kelly believes she had a lousy prenup that left her paying for a husband she believes used her as a human ATM machine. So, she pressured her lawyers to make sure she received primary custody and he’d only get one weekend a month to see their kids,” the source said.

Clarkson has also, allegedly, been spreading offensive claims about Blackstock in Nashville. After all, she’s been telling everyone that she meets there that her ex-husband was a bad man.

Now, The Kelly Clarkson Show host is allegedly convincing Blake Shelton to cut ties with Blackstock and his dad, Narvel, as well as their company.

“Kelly and Blake carry a lot of weight in Nashville and Brandon knows he’s blackballed. He would be lucky to land a bar singer as a client at this point,” the source said.

On June 1, Blackstock will also leave the Montana ranch that Clarkson owns. So, the “Breakaway” singer couldn’t be more thrilled.

“She’s thrilled she’ll be able to finally get him off the property and out of her life forever. She plans to unload the property that’s worth $18 million and make a windfall from what was once an albatross. She feels like the winner here,” the source said.

While it is true that Clarkson and Blackstock’s divorce has been a tumultuous one, it’s not true that the singer has been bad-mouthing her ex-husband in Nashville.

There’s no reason for Clarkson to do this especially since she already receives full custody of her children. And the singer has been very clear that this is her priority.

It’s not also true that Clarkson is convincing Shelton to cut ties with the Blackstock because this is not her place.