Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes were never close, but there are rumors that their respective daughters share a special bond with each other.

In its March 28 issue, New Idea claimed that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise are like best friends. And the fact that they are both turning 16 years old proves that they have more in common than what fans might think.

A source claimed that when Holmes and Suri were still living in Los Angeles, the Dawson’s Creek star decided to introduce her daughter to Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh. And the two teenagers immediately hit it off.

“Angelina and Katie were never really that close but given their daughters’ level of fame before they could even talk, they figured they were each going to need a friend around the same age who understood as they grew up,” the source said.

But even though Shiloh and Suri are the same age and have similar interests, the two couldn’t be more different from one another. After all, Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter is more girly compared to Shiloh.

“Suri is obsessed with couture, visits the Guggenheim, and takes ballet classes. Shiloh and Suri are super different young women, but still, their friendship works,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Shiloh and Suri were rumored to be close friends.

In the past, multiple tabloids also claimed that the two teenagers consider each other best friends. However, not one publication was able to publish a photo of Suri and Shiloh together to prove their dubious claims.

As such, this makes it obvious that they are just making up stories about teenagers. And the only accurate claim made by the tabloid was that Jolie and Holmes never had the chance to become close to each other.

But Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has been linked to Tom Cruise on multiple occasions.

Earlier this year, Heat UK claimed that the A-listers tried to hang out to see if they have chemistry with each other. After all, Jolie and Tom have always been interested in dating one another.

However, these claims aren’t true either. Jolie and Tom didn’t try to date. And there’s no proof that they were ever interested in being together.

The A-listers have not also expressed an interest in each other during their separate interviews so it’s unclear where all the rumors are coming from.