Shawn Mendes shared his thoughts about the intense scrutiny over his two-year relationship with Camila Cabello. He said he "honestly does not care" about it in a recent interview with Billboard.

Us Weekly released a report on the matter following the publication of the engagement. As noted, the 23-year-old musician gave his response after Billboard asked him whether the public's fascination with his romantic ties bothered him.

The outlet continued that Mendes' long-time manager confirmed his "ability to tune out the noise." Andrew Gartler reportedly stated that the "Stitches" singer "has always been really good at cutting through the clutter."

The same publication, later on, recalled, however, that a source previously revealed about the spotlight on the artist's relationship with Camila Cabello taking a toll on him. As alleged, "the attention became overwhelming," adding that "it did irritate them," especially Shawn Mendes.

It was, also, insisted at the time that what annoyed them was about "getting grilled on how serious" their relationship was and "whether or not they were going to get engaged."

Following all the allegations, though, Mendes and Cabello did not seemingly acknowledge them by maintaining their silence. Accordingly, there have been no assurances as to whether the stories are legitimate.

The assertions, nevertheless, appeared to have made the headlines after announcing their split on social media. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes released a joint statement in November, informing their followers about their decision to part ways.

The former couple shared that despite ending their romantic relationship, their "love for one another as humans is stronger than ever." They, also, said that they started as best friends, and they will continue as one.

The two celebrities did not dwell on the details as to why they decided to split. But, insiders claimed at the time that it was due to their "hectic work schedules," according to Seventeen.

Mendes and Cabello reportedly grew much closer amid the COVID-19 pandemic as they spent the lockdown together for months. However, "once they resumed their normal work routine, their relationship became different."

Glamour reported that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello first met when they served as the opening acts for Austin Mahone's tour, with the latter as a member of Fifth Harmony. But, it was not until 2015 that their friendship seemingly began, especially after working together for "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Cabello and Mendes had maintained a close tie for years, despite all the dating rumors surrounding them. They only began their relationship, though, after collaborating again for "Señorita" in mid-2019.