Prince William and Kate Middleton are allegedly facing a major family crisis involving their eldest child, Prince George.

In its March 7 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Prince George is bullied by his classmates at Thomas’s Battersea.

A source claimed that even though Prince William and Middleton are trying their best to give Prince George a normal childhood, his classmates still look at him differently.

Since the youngsters know that Prince George is the future king of Britain, they sometimes pick on him and exclude them from their activities.

“Some of the kids think George gets special treatment from teachers and everyone else at the school. So, students will shun him. A few have even had birthday parties and made it a point to not invite him. Then they’ll rub it afterward by telling him how amazing the day at the escape room or theme park was. It’s so cruel,” the source said.

The insider added that some kids at Thomas’s Battersea even tried to sabotage Prince George’s participation in their school’s Christmas play.

According to the source, the 8-year-old wanted to play the role of Joseph. But his classmates spread rumors that he will be given the role because he’s a royal. So, he ended up not playing the role.

On another occasion, students also pinned an incident on Prince George.

“A group of students went on a weekend camping trip and one of the boys snuck some sweets, which isn’t allowed. Someone blamed George, who took the fall for it, probably because he knew the bullying would just get worse if he revealed who the real culprit was,” the source said.

One student also allegedly made a rude comment about Prince George’s grandfather, Prince Charles, and the young boy was forced to defend the future king.

“George won’t let anyone speak badly about his family. It didn’t get physical but there were crosswords, and the teachers had to break them up. They’ll comment that his mom, Kate is lazy, because they think she doesn’t work, while some of their parents hold two jobs just to pay for this exclusive school,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no indication that Prince George is being bullied at school. And it’s unlikely for these incidents to have occurred without a teacher or principal addressing the matter immediately.