Meghan Markle has allegedly been trying to ward off negative vibes with her evil eye pendant.

But according to National Enquirer, Markle’s attempts to ward off negativity hasn’t been working. And it allegedly has the opposite effect on Prince Harry’s wife.

A source told the tabloid that Markle’s life is in shambles at the moment. And she’s also in an absolute world of hurt right now. After all, a British judge just dismissed some parts of the lawsuit that he filed against her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

Markle’s highly-anticipated Disney debut for “Elephants” was also criticized. And there have also been reports that Prince Harry has been feeling homesick in Los Angeles even though he’s only been there for less than two months.

The source said that despite all of the things that are happening to Markle, she’s still unstoppable. She recently appeared in a video call offering advice to a young British fan.

In the clip, eagle-eyed royal fans noticed that Markle is wearing a “creepy charm.” According to the tabloid, the accessory is priced at $175 and it is known as the visionary charm necklace.

The manufacturer of the accessory described the piece as a modern-day talisman because it has the ability to protect the wearer from negative vibes.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Markle wore this type of accessory. During her tour of South Africa last year, the “Suits” alum was also photographed with an evil eye necklace.

According to an Ottoman legend, the accessory has the ability to ward off jealousy from others. It also helps dispel negative thoughts and energy.

A spokesperson from Alemdara told The Sun that they are happy to see Markle wearing the necklace during her overseas tour with Prince Harry and Archie. However, they refused to provide more comments regarding the sighting.

Prior to her tour, Markle was once again photographed with an evil eye ring from Turkish brand Kismet. The Duchess of Sussex wore the accessory shortly after her dad claimed that he had been frozen out by Markle and Prince Harry.

The evil eye ring featured a hand symbol and an eye in its palm. The accessory reportedly has the ability to protect from malicious stares.

“Obviously, that amulet didn’t do the job, since the past six months have been pure hell for her and Harry. Let’s hope the new one does the trick,” the source said.