Ben Affleck is allegedly jealous of Jennifer Lopez’s close relationship with her co-star, Maluma.

In its Feb. 28 issue, Globe claimed that Affleck is also reeling over the fact that Lopez and Maluma went on a four-day promotional tour of Marry Me overseas.

“It was only a three or four-day trip but J.Lo was with Maluma a lot and they’ve got a real connection, which gets under Ben’s skin. They’re very touchy-feely, have all these inside jokes and J.Lo goes on about him like he’s some type of artistic genius who’s got it all and how lucky his girlfriend is,” the source said.

The insider also said that Affleck is fuming over Lopez and Maluma’s flirty relationship on screen in Marry Me.

In the movie, the co-stars play the role of a couple that is about to tie the knot. But Lopez’s character learns that Maluma’s character has been cheating on her all this time.

“Ben’s not usually jealous in these situations but it’s made him feel a whole lot less pain. Plus, J.Lo’s made it worse by telling him to go and stay in the hotel or make himself busy while she did her thing with Maluma. Jennifer definitely runs the show. She has Ben up at dawn every day hitting the gym. She’s totally revamped his entire wardrobe and he’s given up all his bad habits for her,” the source said.

The insider also said that a part of Affleck couldn’t help but unleash his competitive side. After all, he knows that Maluma is much younger than him and Lopez so there’s no way that he would let him win.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no indication that Affleck is jealous of Lopez and Maluma’s relationship.

After all, the co-stars are nothing more than that. There’s also no indication that they’ve been flirting with each other.

Since Affleck and Lopez have been in the business for years, they know what it’s like to be paired with their co-stars.

So, Affleck must know that there’s nothing going on between Lopez and Maluma other than that they play love interests in Marry Me.

Affleck has also been paired with a slew of actresses throughout his lifetime in the business. And there’s no indication that Lopez is jealous of any one of them.