Prince Harry Allegedly feels "homesick" when he lives in the United States with his wife Meghan Markle. The Duke wants to return to his home - the United Kingdom after realizing that the "grass isn't greener across the Atlantic."

Palace insiders talked about the matter to National Enquirer, which printed the claims for its February 14 issue. As alleged, the royal-born Prince is "trapped in a living nightmare" as his wife chases her Hollywood dreams.

The Duchess of Sussex, also, reportedly "roped" her husband into cutting his ties with the British Royal Family. This caused him to dump his duties and responsibilities as a working royal for a new life in his wife's home country.

Following his alleged realizations, Prince Harry is said to be now "desperately trying to crawl back" to his family. In addition, he plans to "abandon money-hungry Meghan Markle's California gold rush."

The sources continued that the Duke of Sussex intends to rejoin the Royal Firm. Having the knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II is "furious at him" due to the dramas and scandals, he is turning to Prince Charles for help.

The youngest Wales prince is allegedly "shamelessly using" the Prince of Wales to get the British Monarch's approval for his return. It is, also, claimed that he has been in secret communication with his father, telling him that he wants to reconnect with the rest of the family ahead of the Platinum Jubilee and Prince Philip's memorial service.

It remains unclear, though, whether the insiders' information is legitimate. They never shared any shred of evidence to support the allegations and failed to provide a reputable name to corroborate the story.

The British Royals involved in the narrative have yet to break their silence, as well. Prince Harry, as well as Meghan Markle and Prince Charles, does not seemingly acknowledge the allegations, making the latest assertions speculative.

Some experts previously believed, however, that the Duke of Sussex might return to his royal responsibilities following Queen Elizabeth II's health scare in late 2021. Many seemingly thought that he would be one of the British Royals to take over some of the monarch's duties at the time.

Cosmopolitan explained that Prince Harry is one of the Counsellors of State. This means that, by law, should the reigning monarch be unavailable to carry out essential duties and responsibilities, the appointed counselors may step in.

But, considering Queen Elizabeth II's quick recovery, there was no need for the appointed royals to take over.