Camilla Parker Bowles is allegedly worried about what Prince Harry would write about her in his upcoming memoir.

In its Feb. 7 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Harry and Camilla are not as close as they seem to be and everyone in the royal family knows this.

As such, Prince Charles couldn’t also help but be concerned about what Prince Harry would write about his wife. The heir to the throne doesn’t have a problem if Prince Harry would lambast him in his memoir, but he hopes that he would spare his stepmom.

“Prince Charles accepts he won’t be given a glowing report but is pleading with Harry to leave his second wife, Camilla out of it. Charles is on slight speaking terms with Harry at this point and she has basically said, ‘Write what you must about me, but spare Camilla,’” the source said.

The insider claimed that Prince Harry didn’t promise to fulfill his dad’s wishes. After all, he is still fuming mad at the Duchess of Cornwall.

“Harry harbors a lot of resentment towards Camilla for the way his father left his mother for her, which Charles insists isn’t her fault. Time will tell if Harry has mercy for Camilla,” the source said.

However, it’s unlikely for Prince Harry to write something negative about Camilla because the two have a close relationship. In fact, the Duke of Sussex previously defended his stepmother from claims that she’s evil and that she’s not kind toward Prince William and Prince Harry.

Even though Prince Harry will always be loyal to his late mother, he has also become very fond of Camilla. In fact, he is grateful to the Duchess of Cornwall for helping Prince Charles raise him and his older brother.

So many things have been said about Prince Harry’s memoir ever since he announced that he was working on one. But the Duke of Sussex made it clear that his memoir will solely be centered on his life and not on the other members of the royal family.

Of course, it’s not unlikely for his relatives to be mentioned in his memoir. After all, they are a part of his life and they were also around while Prince Harry was growing up.

But Prince Harry’s memoir is not intended to lambast the royal family or to say bad things about them.