Jennifer Lopez is allegedly forcing Ben Affleck to get rid of his huge phoenix back tattoo as soon as possible.

In its Jan. 29 issue, Heat UK claimed that Affleck’s family and friends have been urging him to get rid of the tattoo, but he always refused.

But now that Lopez is the one that expressed her dislike for the tattoo, the Batman v Superman actor has no other choice but to follow his girlfriend’s orders.

“Jennifer’s thrown herself into getting Ben back in shape and it’s paid off, as he looks amazing. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things she’d still like to change, and his horrible tattoo is top of the list. Ben has said laser removal would be very painful, and she’s sympathetic, but she isn’t letting him off the hook,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Affleck secretly regrets getting the tattoo. After all, he decided to have it inked on him shortly after his divorce from Jennifer Garner.

“He was in a very dark place when he did it and admits now that it was a stupid thing to do. But if it weren’t for Jennifer, he’d never go through the hell of getting it removed,” the source said.

As of late, there’s no proof that Lopez has been asking Affleck to get rid of his phoenix tattoo. By the looks of it, this is just the tabloid’s way of suggesting that Lopez is controlling everything about Affleck’s life.

The Tender Bar actor has not also expressed his alleged dislike for his tattoo. And it’s unlikely for him to ever do so because he was the one that got this inked on his body. As such, he must have loved it when he first saw it.

So many other rumors have been surrounding Affleck and Lopez’s relationship, but all of them are baseless.

For instance, it’s not true that Affleck and Lopez are in a rush to tie the knot. And it’s even more untrue than Affleck and Lopez are trying to have a baby.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Affleck and Lopez’s engagement will happen very soon. But until it does, and unless the news comes straight from the couple, everything else is just hearsay.

Affleck and Lopez just started dating a couple of months ago so there’s really no reason for them to rush into marriage.