Prince Andrew is allegedly worried about Meghan Markle possibly testifying against him in court so he plans to discredit her.

In its Jan. 17 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Andrew wants to use the lies that Markle said against the Duchess of Sussex. More specifically, the Duke of York allegedly plans to expose the truth about Markle’s involvement in Finding Freedom, as well as racism allegations.

A source claimed that Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Andrew the go signal to discredit Markle because the monarch is also worried about what the duchess would say.

“Queen Elizabeth is sick with worry over this shocking development. She fears Meghan could use the witness stand to settle her grievances with the royal family or damning testimony about Andrew would destroy her favorite son and the monarchy,” the source said.

The insider also said that the last thing Prince Andrew needs is Markle talking to his legal team because she has proven time and again that she’s a loose cannon.

“Deposing Meghan in the high-profile case just plays into the former actress’ publicity-obsessed hands. She sees herself as queen of Hollywood and there’s no bigger stage than taking a starring role in the production that is Prince Andrew’s sex scandal,” the source said.

Prince Andrew and the queen allegedly thought that the lawsuit filed against the former by Virginia Roberts Giuffre would just go away, but it didn’t. And now there are even bigger fears that he could be charged.

Rumors about Markle potentially being called to testify have been going around for months. But Giuffre’s attorney, David Boies said that he wants to depose Prince Harry’s wife because she might have important knowledge about Prince Andrew.

Boies also claimed that Markle was one of Prince Andrew’s close associates for a time. And the fact that she’s residing in the United States means they have jurisdiction over her.

However, it doesn’t seem possible for Markle to be deposed in relation to Prince Andrew because the two disgraced royals were never close. And it is not Markle’s fault that she’s living in the United States so this cannot be used against her.

It’s not also true that Prince Andrew wants to discredit Markle because the former doesn’t also have anything to do with the latter’s alleged lies and controversies.